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Good customer service is the lifeline of any business. Here at Crown 7 we stand for integrity. Every product is backed by the Crown 7 warranty. The warranty shows we stand behind our product.

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Introducing the new Crown7 HYDRO Imperial... the revolutionary new way to satisfy a nicotine fix without any harmful smoke and odor.

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Crown7 has been featured in news stories on all of these networks and publications. We are very proud of the fact that the media has given us such positive feedback. Please take a few moments to read what our customers have to say about Crown7.

What are Crown 7 Electronic Cigarettes?

Here at Crown 7, we believe in providing the best alternatives to smoking traditional tobacco products like cigars and pipes. These products include electronic cigarettes, which simulate the feel, taste, and sensation you would normally experience from regular cigarettes. However, these fine smoking alternatives simulate that experience while not exposing its users to the harmful products from ordinary tobacco products. Our fine e cigs can be a great and different choice to any smoker out there that wants to experience something new.

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